Approval for 21 Muslims to influence state policy

Chicago lawyer Kareem Irfan says every governor in the US needs Islamic guidance, and Illinois legislators agree.

Irfan thinks that it is imperative for all governors in the US to have an Islamic advisory council. According to the bill, the Governor and legislators would select an advisory council for Islamic guidance on forming state policy.

Why did the Illinois legislature approve a bill to give unelected Muslims a formal voice in state government? Islamic bill co-sponsor Democratic Sen. Jacqueline Collins said the council is the first of many efforts to ensure minority perspectives.

Republican Rep. Barbara Wheeler opposed the bill saying that “It’s the duty and responsibility of the Muslim-American community to figure out how to help us.” Others agree that Muslims should form their own lobby group like everyone else. They should not be given government sanctioned and aided privilege over others.

Illinois governor Bruce Vincent Rauner’s signature is needed to pass the bill into law.


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