Out of control with drugs

Drugs that alter senses and normal brain activity leave a person vulnerable to devious influences. Impaired thinking prevents logical thought and rational decision making. Lowered inhibitions can lead to increased risk acceptance and self-destructive behavior. Paradoxically, drug use makes an individual feel more confident and in control, but in reality, they are easily manipulated by those who will use them.

Unsuspecting individuals are often lured into surrendering control over their lives by experiencing ‘harmless’ drugs. Drug use typically begins with experimentation, peer pressure, curiosity, and just wanting to have a good time. The feel good experience of leaving cares behind and escaping inhibitions that cause stress and negative emotions is worth coming back to. After all, it is ‘harmless’, and you feel so much better.

But these are false securities and sensations. Drugs make you feel good, they do not solve problems. Thus drug use initiates an insidious cycle that is not harmless. Drug use is substituted for problem solving, and problems are never resolved. Subsequently, unresolved problems and stresses trigger the need to use drugs more frequently. But the use of drugs fails to resolve real life stresses, so problems never go away and often lead to more problems and drug use increases. Eventually the drug use physically changes the brain so that drug use becomes compulsive and quitting is more difficult. The effect of drugs then contributes to the problems of life and adds yet more problems to life, and eventually what began as harmless drug use easily turns into drug abuse. Will power and self-control are lost, and the drug abuser can no longer say no more. At this point, the cycle does not stop by itself. It only increases, becomes more intense, and life problems get worse. Sadly, the cycle does not stop until the drug user is forced to stop or dies. What began as harmless becomes harmful.

Drug dealers profit on the self-destructive cycle of drug users. Drug abusers are easy prey to manipulate and control because of lost will-power and self-control. The developed need for drugs is used to enslave drug users to the purposes of those who control the drugs. People dependent on drugs for their sense of well-being and escape from reality are actually dependent on those who provide the drugs. Addiction means that a drug user has no control over themselves. So then, those who supply the drugs become the masters of the addicts. And addicts are easily manipulated with their need for drugs. This translates into money for those who control the drug user, who will do anything for their feel-good drug experience. In the end, drug abusers are used until they are no longer profitable and then tossed away like trash.

Drug abuse is a failed coping skill that prevents individuals from developing good coping skills. Good coping skills resolve problems and allows individuals to be more productive. Stress and pressure are a part of life. No one escapes problems. Rather, living successfully is learning how to control stress to prevent it from having negative effects on life and eventually destroying your life.

Why are there laws against many kinds of drugs? Why are there drug rehab centers? Why are there multitudes of sad, tragic stories told about drug abuse and ruined lives? Why are there warnings about drug abuse? Why is drug abuse costing people in the United States over $600 billion dollars a year for crimes, lost productivity, and poor health? Because drugs are not the answer to developing good productive life skills. Drug abuse has a devastating, negative impact on lives, families and society.

Drug use is not a solution. It is a problem. It does not make people smarter and more successful. It ruins people. It ruins their ability to learn how to develop good coping skills, success skills, thinking skills, and how to be productive. It results in loss of motivation and self-discipline. It contributes to a waste of life. Drug abusers typically resign themselves to an unproductive life and often become hopeless, self-loathing, and self-destructive.

God designed humanity with the ability to experience a meaningful and abundant life. Rather than giving your life over to drug addiction and drug dealers to use you for their own personal gain, you can give your life to Christ. Surrendering control of your life to His love and compassion is far, far better than surrendering to the devious and selfish interests of men.

The choice is simple. Surrender to the benevolence of God for a healthy productive life or surrender to the devious plans of those who will profit on your enslavement.




Why do you not hear stories about how drugs make life better? Why are the stories always tragic? Because drugs destroy lives.  http://www.drug-addiction-support.org/drug-addiction-stories.html


Teenagers Tell Sad Stories Of Drug Abuse To Martinez

October 24, 1989|By Sandra Mathers Of The Sentinel Staff

Tiffany was 11 when she started drinking, smoking pot and skipping school. At 12, she tried LSD. A year later, she graduated to cocaine. Private schools didn’t help. She wrecked her mother’s car. And she nearly overdosed on heroin.

That wasn’t all.

”I prostituted for drugs. . . . I didn’t have a whole lot of money,” the pretty 16-year-old explained matter-of-factly. ”Doing pot was child’s play. I wanted cocaine and I would do anything for it.”

Tiffany’s candid admission was aimed at a ready, if unlikely, listener – Gov. Bob Martinez.

On Monday, Martinez and his wife, Mary Jane, sat in a small conference room at the Laurel Oaks Hospital residential treatment center near Orlando and listened as seven teen-age addicts told sordid stories of drug use, drug abuse and, finally, what they hope will be successful treatment at Laurel Oaks’ 6-month-old drug rehabilitation program.

The private, 40-bed treatment center charges up to $350 a day for care that averages from six to 12 months.

The Martinezes flew into Orlando and visited the patients Monday to kick off Red Ribbon Week with a breakfast at the Omni International Hotel. The statewide public awareness campaign, whose red ribbon has become an anti-drug symbol, is designed to promote drug-free living.

The Martinezes are honorary chairmen for the state campaign, which began four years to honor the memory of federal drug agent Enrique Camarena, who was tortured and killed in 1985 by drug traffickers.

Tiffany and her fellow drug patients, who were introduced only by their first names to protect their privacy, spent more than an hour telling the governor and his wife about life in the drug fast lane.

All started using drugs before 12. One was as young as 7 when she first smoked pot. Another contracted hepatitis from drug use. But all felt they could lick their personal demons. Tiffany, for instance, had washed out of three other treatment programs before entering Laurel Oaks five weeks ago, but she is convinced this time she will recover.

Also confident is Jeff, 17, who started using pot at age 10. A year ago, he told Martinez, he started stealing drug money from his dad, forging checks and stealing car stereos to finance an $800-a-day drug habit including LSD, a hallucinogen.

”I didn’t care who I hurt. If you had anything I could get money for, I’d steal it. As long as I had my drugs, I was happy,” he said.

Martinez listened intently, then asked the teens what problems they thought led them to drugs. Answers came rapidly: their parents’ divorces, insecurity, feelings of abandonment and the drug-induced sense of power and glamor.

”All of us have mountains to climb,” Martinez told them. ”Some are steeper than others. Don’t feel lonely; don’t let the weight crush you. Get there little by little.

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