Dr. Patrick Briney

prbDr. Briney fulfills his calling in Jesus Christ by preparing Christians for life as soldiers of the cross who know what and why they believe and as leaders who can provide Biblical solutions to both personal and social spiritual challenges.

After earning his Ph.D. in microbiology, Dr. Briney has presented seminars on creation and evolution as well as a variety of topics related to science and faith for over thirty years in churches, on college campuses, and for numerous organizations. During this time, he has also engaged evolutionists in debates. As a graduate student (1981), he founded the Creation Science Society at the University of Arkansas and presently conducts the Creation Insights seminars.

After surrendering his life to Jesus Christ and turning from atheism, Dr. Briney trained under Dr. Brian Disney, pastor of the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church (MBBC) in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and prepared himself for a life of ministry. He has served as a missionary sponsored by MBBC to academic communities for thirty years as well as an associate pastor of the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church. Prior to developing the MBBC discipleship ministry and materials, he served as outreach director and conducted evangelism campaigns into the community and on college campuses. He oversees the annual MBBC Discipleship conference and conducts discipleship seminars.

In response to the ideological attack on Christian students at universities, Dr. Briney founded the Leadership Training Institute of America to train high school and college students in Biblical world view warfare principles and apologetics. The national program is conducted annually in Washington D.C., and regional seminars are conducted throughout the United States. Prior to founding LTIA, he served as director of the Arkansas Youth Leadership Summit (AYLS) ministry.

Serving as the science department chairman for the Fayetteville Christian High School, Dr. Briney shares in the teaching duties for the physical science, biology, and chemistry classes along with other volunteers. He is responsible for coordinating the science fair projects at FCS and serves on the NW Arkansas Science Review Committee, which honored him with the 2009 science teacher of the year award.

A firm believer in relevant and applied Christianity for today’s society, Dr. Briney served as the chaplain of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, and the president of the Arkansas Republican Assemblies for seven years. He served as advisor to President George W. Bush’s education advisory board.

He was the producer and host of two radio programs Bible Dynamics and Life Changing Scriptures and two television programs Personal Testimonies and Smart Choices. He presently fields questions from around the world as the On-line Bible Answerman. In addition, Dr. Briney is author of study guides, pamphlets, books, videos, and training manuals on a variety of subjects; and is editor of the Leadership Training Institute’s monthly newsletter, The Pathfinder.

Dr. Briney’s mission is to be an active participant in fulfilling the Great Commission by doing God’s work God’s way by every means possible and is committed to encouraging others to do likewise.


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