Ministry flow diagram

Disciples are leaders. They lead by serving others, by teaching others, and by being an example for discipleship. As a leader faithfully serving God, you nurture your love for Him. It is this love for God that produces a love for others; and your love for others motivates you to go to the lost and lead them to Christ; to teach new and immature Christians how to grow in Christ; to encourage disciples-in-training to follow the Lord in baptism and participate in a local, new testament church; and to continually grow in your doctrine, character and skills.

The result of your efforts will produce fruit of more disciples and a ministry of training disciples to make more disciples. The following diagram shows the flow of ministry in a mature disciple’s life.

Multiply Your Life for Christ summary diagram showing flow of personal and group ministry.

Loving God characterizes a disciple’s life while personally multiplying disciples and building ministries. It is love for God that Jesus emphasized to Peter in John 21:16-17.

Dr. Briney’s book titled, “Multiply your life for Christ“, is a must read for anyone serious about discipleship. Filled with Biblical references, the book focuses on what Jesus and His disciples say about discipleship. It encourages personal application and gives ideas to help disciples improve their personal ministries¬†of discipleship.