Multiply your life for Christ

Purchase Dr. Briney’s book, Multiply! Your Life for Christ.

Multiply your life for Christ God’s way! Dr. Briney’s book shows how you can participate in the Great Commission, doing God’s work God’s way, witnessing to lost souls, helping establish new Christians in the faith, and training leaders following Christ’s instructions.

This is not another “method” approach to personal ministry. Dr. Briney emphasizes pursuing goals and developing a personal strategy of ministry that works for you as the Holy Spirit guides you through His Word. Each chapter ends with “Questions to Ponder,” and each section of chapters ends with an “Act on It” page to encourage personalizing you application of how to disciple others.

Book titled: Multiply Your Life for Christ, by Dr. Patrick Briney

The Great Commission and spiritual growth build on two commands: First, love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and second, love others as yourself. On these two commands hang all the law and the prophets. Sound familiar? It comes right from Jesus’ own mouth (Matthew 22:36-40). You can’t go wrong if you start right!

Multiply! Your Life for Christ contains insightful lessons on loving God, power prayers, Bible study skills, effective evangelism strategies (such as the Five A’s of Evangelism), how to train others to be disciples, and much more. This book is full of Scripture references, lessons based on the Word of God, and over twenty years of ministry experience and insight.

Looking for a gift that will be useful for a lifetime of use and benefit?

Ever ask yourself …
“What’s wrong with me? I am in a spiritual slump even though I pray, read my Bible, and go to church.”
“What do I say to someone who needs to hear the Gospel?”
“I just led someone to the Lord, now what?”
“What do I teach someone who struggles with sin in their life?”

Following the instructions of Jesus and the apostles will answer your questions and aid you in enriching your life of ministry.

Purchase Dr. Briney’s book, Multiply! Your Life for Christ.