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7 Essential Prayers for Growth

 If you would like to grow spiritually as a Christian and learn practical lessons from the Bible that will help you, then you’re at the right place.


Dr. Patrick Briney is an author, speaker, scientist, minister and teacher of practical Christianity worldwide. Blending professional training in science as a microbiologist and over forty years of ministry experience as a missionary/pastor, Dr. Briney offers unique and practical teaching relevant for discipling others today. Dr. Briney has created and led workshops and seminars for thousands of people globally.

Resources for Spiritual Growth

Check out our list of resources for Christian discipleship, prayer, and growing as a Christian.


Online Courses

Learn directly from Dr. Briney in his online courses.  These courses are designed to take you on your journey of spiritual growth.  The first course to be launched is on the topic of prayer.


Teaching and Speaking

Want to learn more about Jesus Christ and follow Him as His disciple? Learn from Dr. Briney as he teaches how to disciple.  How To Multiply Your Life for Christ will also soon be available.



This year we are excited to be launching two books about prayer.  Other books will follow soon including Answers to Bible Questions, Romans, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and others.



Dr. Briney's life verse

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

I Corinthians 10:31


Thankful For God’s Promise

The Pilgrims suffered the harsh winter and most perished. Yet, they praised God and expressed uncommon thankfulness. For what were they thankful? In their own writings, they explain.

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Where there are two or more people, there will be disagreement. In a community or a nation, people who disagree will rally support for their position and strive to persuade others. This is called politics. Politics can be friendly or nasty. This depends on the people involved.

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How To Celebrate Motherhood

God bless all our women who have chosen to be mothers and have chosen life for their children. This is our answer to those who oppose God. And we must make our voices heard by the means of speaking truth and upholding virtue.

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