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Dec 15

For Subscribers
to Vitamins for the Soul

Hope and Pray Kindle books at 99 cents

For my subscribers, thank you for encouraging me and letting me know that I have encouraged you. Together we are helping each other serve the Lord and reaching more people with the important message of Jesus Christ. Share this special offer with your family, friends, and church members.

On December 15 only, you will be able to purchase Hope and/or Pray at 99 cents each (Kindle version only).  This is the best value, and you will receive all the gifts below.  In addition, just for today, if you purchase one paperback or one audiobook, we will gift you one ticket to The Prayer Masterclass ($197), 2 tickets for 2 books, and so forth. 


Hope and Pray

DAY 2 (Thurs)

Psalm 5 Bible Study eBook

The mercy of God is something to rejoice about, and Dr. Briney explains why and how to rejoice in God’s mercy through this verse by verse study in Psalm 5. This is a perfect gift for your Christian friends desiring to learn about prayer and the Gospel. It is a perfect gift for non-Christians because it explains how to experience God’s mercy.   


DAY 3 (Fri)

Psalm 23 Bible Study eBook

Who has never heard of Psalm 23? It is one of the most beloved Psalms of all times. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Words of comfort and hope are in the Psalm, and Dr. Briney explains why with great insight into each verse. You will enjoy this book, and this is your gift today for purchasing Hope and Pray — the perfect gifts to show your love and encouragement to friends and family.

Psalm-23 ebook

DAY 4 (Sat)

Psalm 91 Bible Study eBook

Looking for comfort, hope, and peace with God? Needing assurance from God that He will protect you? Psalm 91 is a message of hope for deliverance. The promise of God is that He will protect those who love Him. He promises to protect His own from over 15 things listed in this Psalm. You’ll enjoy this beautiful ebook, and it is a perfect gift to give to family and friends.


DAY 5 (Sun)

The Lord's Prayer Bible Study eBook

The Lord’s Prayer is the most famous prayer of all time. Referring to the Lord’s Prayer, Dr. Briney explains some wonderful insights about prayer. This is a beautiful ebook that people will keep and read more than once.

Dec 21

DAY 6 (Mon)

By Grace eBook

What is the most important message ever mentioned at any time? The Gospel of Jesus. Salvation is by grace because of what Jesus did. Trying to change this message or add works is a rejection of God’s grace. It must be all or nothing. This book presents the Biblical case for why salvation must be by grace. This precious message is perfect for the season memorializing the precious gift of God.


DAY 7 (Tue)

The Prayer MasterClass ($197)

If you purchase both Hope and Pray, you will receive one enrollment ticket for The Prayer MasterClass online course launching in 2021.  This is a 7-module online course about prayer that Dr. Briney will personally teach.

Prayer Masterclass

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Step 1: Forward the receipt from Amazon and/or Kobo to patrick@patrickbriney.com. If possible, please submit the receipt on the date that you purchased the books.

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Step 3: Receive emails with gifts on or before December 25, 2020.

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