Your biggest prayer project

Overcoming The Impossible Obstacles

Here is how to tackle impossible changes in life with prayer, not your resignation. Faced with a hopeless, impossible problem? What is your biggest problem? What is your greatest need? What is the greatest hindrance in your life? What do you think is impossible to change in your life? What have you given up hoping

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For What Did They Die?

We have the freedom to broadcast the message of Jesus Christ because we live in a free nation. When America ceases to be free, we will be penalized for expressing the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of

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Pandemic Insights

PANDEMIC INSIGHTS Preparing For What Is Yet To Come A New FREE eBook by Dr. Patrick Briney Good decisions are only as good as the information known. So, I am making my new eBook, Pandemic Insights, free to you. There is no need to be fearful and anxious about the pandemic. With good information, you

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Help For Depression

Feeling Depressed And Alone? Feeling, Hopeless, Depressed, Alone? Hurting, desperate, ready to give up? Many Have Found Help In Jesus Christ You are not alone in how you feel. There are many who are feeling trapped without hope of relief. But many have found comfort and hope in Jesus Christ. He has delivered them. There

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8 Lessons From The Lord’s Prayer For the Pandemic

What should we pray for during this pandemic? Can we really expect people not to suffer and die, if we pray that it not be so? Is it even worth praying, if God is going to do whatever He wants anyway? Is COVID-19 God’s judgment against humanity’s rebellion and sin? These questions get to the

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8 Tips For Lung Health If Infected With CoV-2

What would you do if you were infected with the COVID virus? Is there anything you can do to avoid going to the hospital? Is there something you can do at home? Is there something you can do before you are infected? Hospitals are taking patients only if there is an emergency. What can you

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12 Ways to Help Children Survive Pandemic Stress

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” — Psalm 127:3 What about the children? Do you know where your children are? Are your children at home by themselves? Are they at the grandparents’ house? Are they safe? How are they feeling? Are they acting different?

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11 Biblical Answers About COVID-19

There are many questions to answer, but I have chosen 11 1. Can the Bible offer practical understanding of sin, suffering, and pandemics? Does the Bible have anything to say about the current pandemic? Is the Bible really relevant when it comes to dealing with any current events? Of course the Bible has answers and

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6 Insights to Know And Do About the COVID-19 Pandemic

Is the government overreacting? Are people around you overreacting? Are you overreacting? If you are not worried about being infected with THE virus, why should anyone else be concerned? If people are infected by the flu virus every year, why be concerned about people being infected by the corona virus? And why should you be

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5 Ways to Respond Appropriately to COVID-19

The health of our families and friends is of utmost importance, and the threat to our personal health impacts our families, public events, and ministries. A frequent question being asked right now is “What should I do?” I have written an advisory notice for my church that can help people make informed and rational decisions

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