Prayers That Move Mountains

Having faith in God reminds us that we do not command God to move mountains. He commands us. When we tell God what to do, we are not praying by faith.

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Why I Rejected Evolution

Laws of science and evidence for limited change overwhelmingly support the supernatural origin of the universe, life, and species. As a scientist, I am …

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What Can I Give Him?

What can I give Him?

The gift of God was already chosen and prepared long before He was revealed. And like a present purchased long before it would be opened, God made His payment. Like a gift carefully …

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The Lord Weights The Spirits

The Lord Weighs the Spirits

There is one, true standard of righteousness in all of creation and that is the standard of the one, true and living God, Jehovah. He is the God of

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Love for God

If the first and greatest command is to love God, then the first and greatest sin is failure to love God. You will not commit any other sin until and unless you first break the first and great commandment.

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Remembering the cause

Remembering the Cause

To honor the fallen soldiers who died for freedom, we must continue the fight to preserve the freedoms you enjoy. Consuming the freedom that others have died for on yourself and leaving nothing for others to enjoy later is not honorable.

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Forgiven of sins

Multiply all your sins by infinity, and you have calculated the degree of your offense against God. Now consider the punishment that will …

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A worthy love

Why is loving God required in order to feed the His sheep? Because if you do not love God, you have nothing worth fee…

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Defend your worldview

Humanists want peace and happiness without the Bible. A credible answer in their minds requires evidence and a rational explanation. Christians can do this if …

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Followup Lessons for Spiritual Growth

Goal Establish habits essential for spiritual growth. The goal determines what my lessons should be. I will discuss the essential habits for a new Christian. Habits The habits essential for spiritual growth are the disciplines that disciples practice consistently everyday. Learning and applying the Word of God (listening, reading, studying, memorizing, applying, teaching). Praying and

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