Love for God

If the first and greatest command is to love God, then the first and greatest sin is failure to love God. You will not commit any other sin until and unless you first break the first and great commandment.

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Remembering the cause

Remembering the Cause

To honor the fallen soldiers who died for freedom, we must continue the fight to preserve the freedoms you enjoy. Consuming the freedom that others have died for on yourself and leaving nothing for others to enjoy later is not honorable.

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Forgiven of sins

Multiply all your sins by infinity, and you have calculated the degree of your offense against God. Now consider the punishment that will …

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A worthy love

Why is loving God required in order to feed the His sheep? Because if you do not love God, you have nothing worth fee…

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Defend your worldview

Humanists want peace and happiness without the Bible. A credible answer in their minds requires evidence and a rational explanation. Christians can do this if …

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Praying for Passion

Passion is focused. It has purpose. It drives you with an edge of intensity and sense of urgency. But how do you get such passion?

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Life Verse

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God – First Corinthians 10:31 A life verse sums up your life’s thoughts, actions, and purpose. There are numerous life verses to choose from in the Bible. You may even have a different verse for your life at different

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God’s Will for Your Life in the Bible

The Bible is God’s inspired Word through which He reveals His will for our lives, including yours. That’s right. Your life is an “open book,” that is, if you open the Book. Consider the following passages that openly declare God’s will for you and anyone who reads the Bible. God wants you to be saved

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