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How To Write a Great Book Review

Thank you for helping me launch my book for great success to reach as many people as possible with the message of hope in God and prayer.

I have gleaned from pages of recommendations on writing a book review and summarized some helpful tips for you.

Choose any of these things to write about, or all of them. The better your review is with details about the book, the more people will be interested in reading the book.

  1. Write a brief synopsis of the storyline to tell the reader the context for your comments. 
  2. Share how the book helped you, made your prayer life better, changes you made, and insights you gained. What problem was resolved?
  3. Write your review about the book, not about the author. Put the reader, who wants to know if he or she should read the book, in your shoes. Write for the reader, not for the author.
  4. Did the book meet or exceed your expectations?
  5. Be honest, and keep in mind the goal of this book. Why should others read this book?
  6. What specific ideas were shared in the book that you liked the most and explain why. 
  7. What questions about prayer, or something else you had in mind, were answered?
  8. Describe how the book made you feel. Did it leave you feeling encouraged? Why? Did you have a hard time putting it down? Why?
  9. Would you read this book again? Would you recommend the book to others? 
  10. Keep it short and simple. 


  1. This book is about…
  2. My prayer life is better because this book …
  3. The book will help anyone interested in …
  4. I especially appreciated the points made about …
  5. Important questions about … were answered.
  6. I feel … having read this book.
  7. This book should be read by ….
  8. This book will help anyone who …

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