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Thirty-two Worldview Essentials

Understand The Times Knowing thirty-two principles is essential for understanding our times, interpreting current events, and knowing how to respond appropriately. Deepen your insights about current events by listening to Dr. Patrick Briney’s Worldview Conflict Explained series at https://www.youtube.com/@dr.patrickbriney.* Thirty-Two Essential Insights Worldview Warfare Tactics Conversion Prevention

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Still Fighting For Freedom

Testimony In Fighting For Freedom The plight of our founding fathers in the United States is the same as our plight today. We are in a battle to gain and maintain freedom. As they fought for freedom from England’s tyranny, we are fighting for freedom from the tyranny of liberal, leftist Marxists. As they fought

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Growing The New Testament Way

Discover how the New Testament can guide you on your journey of spiritual growth. This lesson will demonstrate how the books of the New Testament serve as a map for maturing as a Christian. They are carefully arranged to lead readers from discovering Christ, to understanding the next steps, and ultimately revealing the reason for

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What To Do After Losing A Loved One

When my wife and I sat down to settle my dad’s estate, I needed a beginning point. I copied the lists from my book, which I had already thoughtfully prepared. Then I personalized the list for my needs.
To simplify what I was doing, I needed a simple task list to tell me what to do. I did not need explanations and descriptions of the tasks or to be told why a task list is useful. I just needed to follow a task list.

For those of you in my situation, here is a task list of what to do when a loved one passes away. You will need to personalize it for your own situation. I think it will help you avoid overlooking things that are important to do.

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Thankful For God’s Promise

The Pilgrims suffered the harsh winter and most perished. Yet, they praised God and expressed uncommon thankfulness. For what were they thankful? In their own writings, they explain.

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Where there are two or more people, there will be disagreement. In a community or a nation, people who disagree will rally support for their position and strive to persuade others. This is called politics. Politics can be friendly or nasty. This depends on the people involved.

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How To Celebrate Motherhood

God bless all our women who have chosen to be mothers and have chosen life for their children. This is our answer to those who oppose God. And we must make our voices heard by the means of speaking truth and upholding virtue.

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Enjoy A Christian Haggadah For Passover

Borrowing the term from the Hebrew practice of observing the Passover, I wrote a Haggadah for my family. It emphasizes the importance of the day. It also adds instruction to help understand the importance of the day. What is a Haggadah? The Haggadah is an invention of men desiring to fulfill the decree from God

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What prayers does God not hear?

God hears all prayers. However, He will only answer prayers offered to Him. He will not answer prayers offered to other gods. They have to answer for themselves. LOL. Pray to the true God If you are praying to the wrong God and believing in the wrong Jesus, don’t be surprised if there is no

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Prayers for healing

God has the power to heal you of any problem that challenges you. The question is, will He heal? You will be pleased to know that, not only does God heal, He wants to heal. Healing prayers Have you wondered why there are so many miracles described in the Bible, but many people today do

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