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Pandemic Insights

PANDEMIC INSIGHTS Preparing For What Is Yet To Come A New FREE eBook by Dr. Patrick Briney Good decisions are only as good as the information known. So, I am making my new eBook, Pandemic Insights, free to you. There is no need to be fearful and anxious about the pandemic. With good information, you

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8 Tips For Lung Health If Infected With CoV-2

What would you do if you were infected with the COVID virus? Is there anything you can do to avoid going to the hospital? Is there something you can do at home? Is there something you can do before you are infected? Hospitals are taking patients only if there is an emergency. What can you

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Why I Rejected Evolution

Laws of science and evidence for limited change overwhelmingly support the supernatural origin of the universe, life, and species. As a scientist, I am …

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