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Why is it important to understand the times we live in? Because it is important to know what we Christians ought to do culturally, politically, and theologically. It is important for devising a strategy necessary to preserve our liberties to preach the Gospel, to anticipate trends, and to prepare for the future. It is important for showing how Christians are a vital part of today’s culture. It is important to understanding how Christians can live integrated, relevant lives in society.

Most Christians I have met view themselves as satellites in the world. They disconnect their religion from the “real” world. This is a false perspective.

Why is it important to learn about worldviews? It is preparation for evangelism. It helps us understand the times we live in, and it shows us how to reach humanists, how to speak their language, and how to give credible answers to their questions.

Humanists do not care what the Bible says and in many cases are turned off by what the Bible says. They want peace and happiness without the Bible. They want something that works. A credible answer in their minds requires evidence and a rational explanation. Christians can provide this if they understand worldviews and worldview conflicts.

How does understanding the times benefit us? It helps us understand how we fit into history, what causes the effects of cultural and social systems, how America’s path is repeating history, and how Christianity is a relevant and superior worldview. It helps us present the Christian worldview with credible arguments.

Know what you ought to do and avoid the failures of past generations.

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