For What Did They Die?

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We have the freedom to broadcast the message of Jesus Christ because we live in a free nation. When America ceases to be free, we will be penalized for expressing the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Salvation is the goal. And the Gospel message is the means to salvation that God has given to us to share. Are you sharing it? Are you helping to broadcast it to the world? If you are not doing so now while you have liberty to do so, do you think you will do so when your liberty is taken from you?

What are we remembering during Memorial Day?

Do you find yourself ever wondering what Memorial Day is, other than an extended weekend and family-friend get-togethers? 

Have you thought about what to tell your children about Memorial Day? Have they asked? Probably not, so it is up to us as parents to tell our children. Do you know what to say?

A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the University of Phoenix found that more than half of all those surveyed did not know what Memorial Day was about.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American holiday to remember those who sacrificed their lives to preserve the Union and the values that America stands for and that have made America great.

This is not to say that soldiers have never been remembered anywhere else or at any other time. Memorial Day is a special day for Americans to remember their soldiers who died in battle.

Memorial Day is thought to have originated in the years following the Civil War and was called Decoration Day. It was officially declared a federal holiday by President Richard Nixon in 1971. Memorial Day is now celebrated on the last day of May.

It is a day to remember that the soldiers who died in battle fighting for America are gone, but they are not forgotten. They are not forgotten because there are those who take time and make the effort to remember them. They died fighting for America, for American ideals and dreams.

But over half of Americans no longer remember the significance of Memorial Day, and many more do not know the cause for which American soldiers died.

The meaning of the day is being forgotten because of the success of our nation’s enemies to capture our educational systems and the media. The enemies of America are those who seek to replace the founding values of America with inferior values. They seek to overthrow the values that have made America great.

Rather than look to the flag, the history, and the soldiers of America as symbols of the wonderful ideas and dreams that have made America great, our enemies seek to replace these ideas and dreams with the ugly and vulgar sins of mankind. They seek to turn the American flag, the history, and the soldiers reputations into symbols of hate, injustice, and tyranny. They falsely accuse America with the crimes and sins that American ideals have always opposed.

Our public educational system at large does not teach children to love and embrace the ideals that made America great. Children are taught to despise America and associate America with the flaws and crimes of those who did not and do not share the values that made America great. Children are being taught to abandon the very system of government and values that have given them the freedoms they enjoy. And they are taught instead to extol and embrace the failed systems of humanity known as socialism, communism, statism, and fascism.

Without remembrance of the good in America and the reason for that good, the same will be forfeited. Freedom will be forfeited, and along with freedom the right to choose, to live, to celebrate, to enjoy, and to believe.

The beauty of the American dream is that it is self-correcting. It was designed to allow protest and the means to make right the wrongs that exist.

Slavery is a favorite symbol used to smear America’s reputation. But conveniently and insidiously, the sacrifice of life and fortune of thousands of American men and women who fought for freedom is ignored and censored from recognition. President Abraham Lincoln, a champion for freedom and abolition, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a hard-core pro-slavery advocate who was distraught over the surrender of the confederates to the Union.

Who symbolizes America?

Who represents America-Lincoln or Booth? The enemies of America attempt to associate America and its symbols with inhuman bondage. They ignore the victory of abolitionists and sacrifices of thousands who made that victory possible. They indoctrinate children and our culture to think that Booth is the symbol of America. But just the opposite is true. America is not about bondage. It is about freedom.

We must remember the good that people have fought for in America. We must not allow their sacrifices to be forgotten and replaced with political smear tactics.

The most important sacrifice

And on Memorial Day, we should not forget the most important sacrifice made for our benefit.

The sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His resurrection won the ultimate battle for eternal life over eternal death, righteousness and good over sin and evil. It is His sacrifice that gives us the ultimate freedom to choose life-everlasting life. And it is this message and freedom that have made America the great nation it has become.

This is worth remembering because it is worth the sacrifice.

Use your freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Spread the power of God unto salvation by every means possible. Using your liberty to reach others with the Gospel is the best way to honor the memory of those who died for that liberty.

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