Quotations about prayer

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Simple quotations about prayer can inspire us to pray. Thoughtful quotations can deepen our insights into prayer and enhance our experiences in prayer.

Prayer truths

Below are 74 prayer truths that I personally have selected from my writings. These truths about prayer are vital to making your prayers meaningful and fulfilling. These are truths that inspire you with insights to help you succeed in praying.

Success in praying is much more than just keeping a time to pray and selecting the right words to pray. And these prayer truths are much more than catchy phrases that make you feel good.

Successful prayer

Successful prayer nurtures your relationship with God and ends with rejoicing over every answer. It is prayer that expects answers and receives answers. It is measured by the results, not the method.

Prayer for purpose

  1. God does not intend prayer to be a mystery. He intends it to be enlightening.
  2. All prayers fall into one of three categories of CPR. Communion describes the relationship you have with God. Praise is the admiration and gratefulness you have for Him. Requests remind us that we depend on God.

Prayer for a relationship with God

  1. Prayer fulfills our God-given desire to nurture our relationship with Him.
  2. Your prayer life will not be established until your relationship with God is established.
  3. We pray because we hope. We hope because of God’s presence. His presence is a result of our relationship with Him. Our relationship with Him is a result of our love for Him. Our love for Him is a result of His love for us. His love is manifested when we pray.
  4. We receive from Him because we pray to Him. We pray to Him because we hope in Him. We hope in Him because we trust in Him. We trust in Him because we love Him. We love Him because He first loved us.
  5. A good prayer life is necessary to have a good relationship with Christ.
  6. A good relationship with Christ is necessary to have a good prayer life.
  7. The quality of prayer is determined by your relationship with God, not by the words you use, the repetition of words and phrases, the length, emotions, schedule, or form.
  8. A quality relationship requires two essential things: 1) salvation, and 2) love for God.
  9. A quality prayer life requires a quality relationship with Christ.
  10. The quality of your prayer life reflects the quality of your relationship with God.
  11. If your prayer life is not good, your spiritual walk with Christ is not good.
  12. Our prayers become more meaningful and more intense as they become more personal to us.

Prayer for change

  1. Prayer changes things only because God changes things.
  2. Prayers don’t change God. They change us. (Modified from Soren Kierkegaard)
  3. If hope is the reason people pray, then hopelessness is the reason people do not pray.
  4. We pray because we believe there is reason to hope that God will grant our prayer requests.
  5. Our hope in prayer is based on our hope in Christ.
  6. The life we hope for depends on the one we hope in.
  7. Prayer gives us hope that things will change.
  8. If you want big change in your life, change your prayer life in a big way.
  9. If you know God loves you, then you have confidence and are assured that He will hear your prayers.
  10. Because He loves us, we love Him. Because we love Him, we trust Him. Because we trust Him, we hope in Him. Because we hope in Him, we pray to Him. Because we pray to Him, we receive from Him.
  11. Prayer is the fruit of repentance.
  12. We pray because we believe.

Prayer to learn

  1. Learning about prayer from Jesus’ example liberates us from the opinions and traditions of men.
  2. Understanding the truth of prayer results in the freedom to practice prayer as God intends.
  3. Understanding the truth of prayer protects us from the artificiality of low-quality, carnal prayers.
  4. The Holy Spirit edits our prayers before they are delivered to the Father.
  5. You do not have to pray perfectly in order to pray.
  6. We can and should humbly pray for wisdom and knowledge from God and for opportunity to share that wisdom and knowledge with others.
  7. To pray that our faith not fail means to pray that we understand, remember, defend, and teach the truths God reveals to us.

Prayer without rituals

  1. The quality of prayer is compromised when the form of prayer is used to determine the devotion of prayer.
  2. There is more than one way to pray, without formulas or restrictions.
  3. Pray from our hearts, not from our mouths; and with a relationship with God, not with formulas and rituals.
  4. There are no restrictions on what you can pray.
  5. Pride poisons prayers.

Prayer as God desires

  1. It is always appropriate to pray anywhere, anytime, any way.
  2. Prayer is simply talking to God.
  3. Praying right with God begins with being made right by God.
  4. Praying to God, the Creator of the universe, is a privilege. It is not a right.
  5. Prayer is your request to God, not your command to God to fulfill your bidding.
  6. Our role in prayer is to simply and humbly make requests.
  7. It is not necessary to include every detail and every type of prayer in every prayer.
  8. It is not necessarily selfish to pray for your needs and desires. It is expected.
  9. The quality of your prayer is determined by how much you believe God. This explains why there are hot, cold, and lukewarm Christians.

Prayer to unleash the power of God

  1. Prayer is the most powerful discipline of the Christian life.
  2. The power of prayer is not in you or in your words and emotions. The power is in God.
  3. God made the mountains. It is a small thing for Him to move them.
  4. We are hopeful in prayer because we know God loves us, and He is all powerful.
  5. Failure to pray is failure to tap into the power that can move mountains.
  6. We mortal men, punier than grasshoppers in God’s eyes, can prevent God’s blessing on us by just saying no to Him.

Prayer benefits

  1. Failure to ask can result in failure to receive.
  2. Offering intercessory prayers reminds us of our need for God.
  3. Intercessory prayer is an opportunity for us to share in God’s blessings on others.
  4. The benefit of prayer is that we remind, inform, and persuade ourselves, not God.
  5. God does not need prayer. We need prayer.
  6. God commands us to pray because we need prayer.
  7. Pray for our continued surrender to God the Holy Spirit of truth, to experience His comfort and enlightenment with truth.

Prayer for God’s will

  1. You do not persuade God or command Him to do anything in prayer. You make a request of Him, and He does as He wills. He determines what will happen and if, how, when, and where it will happen.
  2. Sometimes you must ask to find out if your request is allowed by God’s will. If you do not ask, you will not know.
  3. When you pray in Christ’s name for His will, not yours, every prayer is granted.
  4. By asking for God’s will to be done, you will always have your prayers granted.
  5. Prayer should always involve the desire that God’s will should be done.
  6. There is hope in prayer because, if it is God’s will, then God will grant your request.
  7. If you do not accept God’s answers, you do not believe His way is the best way.
  8. Unleashing the power of prayer in our lives requires humility to accept God’s will for our lives.
  9. Praying in Jesus’ name means praying as a child of God for His will to be done.
  10. Praying in Jesus’ name guarantees that you will be granted every prayer.
  11. When your will agrees with God’s will, all of your prayers will be granted.
  12. God’s will is always guided by the goal of winning the maximum number of souls.
  13. Our prayers are heard, even if we are not spared.
  14. Pray for God’s will, and every prayer will be granted.

Changing your life for good

There are many more wonderful truths summarized in short statements that will bless you. But these 74 prayer truths will be helpful as well as beneficial.

If this article has helped you in some way, share your blessing with others. Let me know in what way you benefitted.

Ask God to teach you more about prayer. And search for more articles in my blog for more insights into prayer.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your comment below.

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