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  • Coming- HOPE: A Cancer Survivor’s Journey
  • Coming- PRAY: How God Answers Every Prayer



  • Answers for Skeptics    Gives evidence for God’s existence, Jesus’ resurrection, Biblical inspiration, creation, and explains why a loving God allows suffering in the world.
  • Salvation by Grace    A great little booklet explaining the doctrine of salvation and eternal security (once saved always saved). Included is a list of grace verses and explanations to frequently twisted ‘works’ verses.
  • Convincing the Gainsayers: Deity of Christ    Can you show in Scripture why Jesus is God? Some use the Bible to argue that He is not. This lesson is a written dialogue showing how to answer those who do not believe that Jesus is God.
  • Jesus Christ is God    Here is a presentation of verses with explanation of the trinity showing that Jesus Christ is indeed God as well as the Son of God, though the son of man, and why Jesus is the only name under heaven given among men whereby they must be saved.
  • Convincing the Gainsayers: saved by grace    Can you show in Scripture why salvation is by grace and not works? Some use the Bible to argue that it is by works or both grace and works. This lesson is a written dialogue showing how to answer those who do not believe that salvation is by grace only.
  • Evangelism help: The Gospel Truth Series. Study guides for Bible study to teach the Gospel.
    • Knowing God Personally    This Gospel lesson shows clearly and briefly why to be saved and how to be saved.
    • Designed to be Spiritual    By design we have spiritual needs, and this lesson shows the spiritual cause of anxiety as well as describes the differences between the body, soul, and spirit.
    • Reasons for Human Suffering    By definition and Scripture, students learn how sin causes spiritual needs, why hell is forever, and why man is utterly powerless to do anything about it.
    • God is the Answer    An excellent lesson showing why by God’s grace we are saved through faith and why Jesus alone is qualified to save us.
    • How to be Saved    A whole lesson just on what it means to believe, trust, and experience Holy Spirit conviction; and how not to rely on works, but instead depend 100% with full confidence in the promise of Jesus Christ.
    • Born again Experience    Eternal life is eternal security, and this lesson shows why this is so, as well as what every Christian should do once he is saved in order to fulfill God’s plan for his life.
  • Follow-up help:
    • Facts for New Christians.    Booklet of thirteen vital, spiritual growth principles are simply and briefly stated. This is a great little booklet to help a new Christian begin growing in the faith with direction, goals, and tools to start right and stay right.
    • Follow-up Lessons for Spiritual Growth.    Study guide for Christians, especially new ones, need to establish fundamental habits and disciplines essential for spiritual growth. The study orients disciples properly in the first two commands, shows how to find and fulfill God’s plan for their lives, and explains the vital importance of the three unfailing resources God has given us for growth and how to use them.
  • Christian Growth help 
    • Bible Concepts    Study guide for a wonderful, tried-and-true systematic concept study of vital Biblical principles and doctrines. These lessons take students beyond what to believe. Its systematic approach shows students, simply and easily, why doctrines are true, why certain answers must be true, and why reading the Bible with understanding is possible. The insights students gain in this study series make it the best for laying a foundation of doctrinal understanding and Bible study.
    • Pursuit of Spiritual Growth    Study guide for Personal goals and disciplines are essential for spiritual growth and maturity. These lessons help disciples build the skills to be effective Bible students, prayer warriors, soul winners, and disciple makers. This study served as the basis for the Multiply Your Life for Christ book.
    • Knowing God’s Will     Is there a question more frequently asked than, “What is God’s will for my life?” This booklet spells it out for those asking the question and shows just how easy it is to discover God’s will.
    • The Tabernacle Testimony of Jesus Christ    Discover how the tabernacle of the old testament clearly portrays the trinity and the Gospel of salvation. This booklet describes the witness of Christ from the inside to the outside of the tabernacle through its utensils, ceremonies, construction, courtyard, and the tribal camps as well from the outside to the inside.
    • Revival and the Pastor’s Dream Congregation    Revival is possible in every heart. This booklet describes the who, what, when, where, why, and how of revival. But most importantly, its explains why understanding the nature of revival helps pastors and church leaders train their congregation.
    • Three Steps to the interpreting and understanding the Bible. This booklet gives a simple, to-the-point instructions on how to study and understand the Bible. 
    • Write your testimony    Can you tell others how you were saved? By answering five questions, you can prepare a written testimony and share with others the most important thing that has ever happened to you.


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