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Are you looking for a real experience with God? Are you struggling with doubt? Are you feeling like you are missing something in your life?

Discipleship is about growing in your relationship with God. When you experience salvation, your journey of experiencing God will continue to increase as long as you live. Unfortunately, too many do not know what it is like to experience a relationship with God.

Jesus called His disciples and trained them to disciple others. What is discipleship? What does one do to be a disciple? How do you begin?

The answers to these questions and more are explained in the Disciple Like Jesus Series. You will learn how to share the Gospel, write and share your testimony of salvation, discover how to recognize God’s answers to every prayer, learn how to study the Bible, and learn how to be a good steward of your time, talents, treasures, and relationships. You will also learn how to help others do these same things and much more.

Are you ready to begin learning, or learning how to improve, how to be a disciple and train others to be disciples as well? The diagram below shows you the progression of training lessons you will follow and the resources available to help you be a disciple and train others to be disciples. This is just the core of our discipleship series, but if you learn and apply the lessons in these studies, you will be growing in your relationship with Christ and discipling others effectively. You will be enjoying your walk in Christ and be blessed by the fulfilment of God’s will in your life.

Scroll below the diagram to learn how to begin your journey right now in the Disciple Like Jesus Series!

Diagram Of Lesson Progression In The Disciple Like Jesus Series

Welcome to the Disciple Like Jesus series! We’re excited to provide a comprehensive curriculum of lessons that will help you flourish and progress in your spiritual journey. Our lessons, study guides, and books are tailored to meet the needs of individuals at different stages of their faith journey. 

Here’s a breakdown of each step in the Disciple Like Jesus Training Series and what you can expect:

  1. Evangelism: If you’re seeking ways to make a difference in your community and connect with people from a biblical perspective, our Evangelism lessons are an excellent fit for you. They will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to meet people’s needs and goals while sharing your faith with them. Click here to view the Gospel Truth Series.
  2. Follow-up: Our Follow-up lessons are specially designed to help new and untrained believers establish essential spiritual growth habits. These lessons will help you identify the three vital resources God gives us and cultivate daily habits like prayer, Bible reading, and worship that are crucial for spiritual growth. Click here to view the Spiritual Growth Series For Follow Up.
  3. Church orientation: The church was established by Jesus, but few understand what it is and how vital it is to their spiritual walk with Christ. Our Church Orientation lessons will introduce you to the church Jesus built and help you make wise decisions about serving in the church. Click here to view The Church Jesus Built Series
  4. Christian stewardship: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, you’ll want to serve Him and do His will. Our Christian Stewardship lessons will teach you how to discern and obey God’s will, be a good steward to your Lord and Savior, and deepen your understanding of God’s Word and knowledge of Christ. Click here to view the Stewardship/Leadership Series.
  5. Leadership Training: Our Leadership Training lessons equip you with effective tools to make disciples of all nations. Whether you’re a new believer or an experienced one, our training program will help you share your faith with others, lead them to Christ, and train them to be disciples too. Currently, these resources can be accessed in the Stewardship/Leadership Series.

We’re enthusiastic about helping people grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re new to the faith or an experienced believer, we believe the Disciple Like Jesus series will aid you in your spiritual journey. So why wait? Join us today, get your first lesson, and start thriving as a disciple of Jesus Christ!



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