The Lord's Prayer:

Practical Lessons About Prayer From Jesus

What would it be like to be taught by Jesus how to pray? The good news is that you can learn directly from Him.

There are over 50 verses in the Bible that record Jesus praying or teaching about prayer. But in this book, you will learn how Jesus answered His disciples when they asked Him to teach them to pray.                   

Are you ready to discover what He said?

Dr. Patrick Briney breaks down every phrase in The Lord’s Prayer to teach you and give you insights into what Jesus taught His disciples about prayer.

Here's what this ebook will teach you:


    About the Author


    Dr. Patrick Briney is an author, speaker, scientist, minister, and teacher of practical Christianity worldwide.

    Blending professional training in science as a microbiologist who specialized in immunology and infectious diseases and over forty years of ministry experience as a missionary/pastor, Dr. Briney offers practical teaching relevant for anyone wanting to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Bible, discipleship, and creation science. Dr. Briney has created and led unique workshops for thousands of people globally.

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