The 10 Most Important Questions About Prayer

Do you find yourself wondering what is wrong with your prayer life or thinking that there must be something missing in your prayer life?     

If so, you might be able to improve your prayer life with ten very important perspectives about prayer. Dr. Briney has selected ten questions to answer that are vital to understanding prayer and to making prayer a much better experience.

Here are SOME of the questions that this ebook will answer:

    About the Author


    Dr. Patrick Briney is an author, speaker, scientist, minister, and teacher of practical Christianity worldwide.

    Blending professional training in science as a microbiologist who specialized in immunology and infectious diseases and over forty years of ministry experience as a missionary/pastor, Dr. Briney offers practical teaching relevant for anyone wanting to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Bible, discipleship, and creation science. Dr. Briney has created and led unique workshops for thousands of people globally.

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