Life’s Big Questions

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The biggest question that bugged me until I settled it in college was this: If there is a God, what does He expect of me?

Over the years I have discovered that everyone asks similar questions, such as, Who made me? How did I get here? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is God knowable?

Unfortunately, many do not find satisfying answers, settle on the wrong answers, get confused and frustrated, or just give up trying to find answers. In fact, I had concluded that the reason I could not find answers to my questions was that God did not exist.

Since that time, I have found answers. And in my quest for answers, I realized that there are four answers to four fundamental questions that everyone lives by, whether they are aware of them or not.

  1. Is there more than a physical world?
  2. Is there a God?
  3. Which God?
  4. How does God reveal truth?

Providing good answers to these four questions will lead people to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is God and that He reveals truth through His inspired Word, the Bible. This is the way to establish philosophically that the correct world view is indeed the Biblical world view.

From the Bible, we discover that

  • God created the heaven and the earth in seven days.
  • There is one race of people all descended from Adam.
  • Sin is the cause of suffering and death in the world.
  • Eight human souls and an ark load of animals were saved from a worldwide, cataclysmic flood.
  • Condemnation in hell is forever.
  • Jesus is the only Savior of the world because only He died to pay an infinite debt of eternal death.
  • Jesus must be God, or He could never fully pay an eternal debt.
  • Our very best and most sincere works, according to any law or set of rules, are futile to gain reward or salvation from God.
  • Salvation is provided by God’s loving grace and mercy. He does not give us what we deserve.
  • God wants to save everyone from their sins. But God gives salvation only to those who believe that their only hope for salvation is in trusting Him to give it to them as a gift because they are unworthy and unable to deserve it.
  • If you have questions, God has answers. He wants you to know Him and to know His will for your life.

Jesus Christ wants you to find answers to life’s questions and to live a fulfilled, purposeful life. How about you? Are you ready to receive God’s answers for your life?

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