Pandemic Insights

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Preparing For What Is Yet To Come

A New FREE eBook by Dr. Patrick Briney

Good decisions are only as good as the information known. So, I am making my new eBook, Pandemic Insights, free to you.

There is no need to be fearful and anxious about the pandemic. With good information, you can feel more confident and at peace in making decisions to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. You will be able to evaluate the news reports better with some basic knowledge about infectious diseases and COVID-19.

With answers and information, a lot of your anxiety will be relieved. You will feel safer.

Information will not make you immune to COVID-19, but it can make you safer. Understanding the virus and the disease can help you evaluate whether a decision is good or bad, whether the information relied on is good or bad, and whether the information is reliable and truly knowable.

I wrote a simple, brief explanation about COVID-19 to help people understand the virus, the disease, and the decisions being made. Understanding these things will help you make choices to protect yourself and your family.

Be concerned, but not afraid. Even if you are afraid, don’t be controlled by misinformed people, rumors, and false information.

My eBook is 28 pages of essential information that will inform you and help you understand disease, COVID-19, and safety. There is not too much information and not too little.

It is just enough to help you make better decisions that will help you and your family stay safe.

The book is simple enough to understand and brief enough to read in one setting. It is colorful and filled with pictures on every page.

Decisions are being made every day about social distancing and work. Can you do both? Can businesses open and still provide a safe environment? Under what circumstances should you return to work? When will you truly be safe from the infection?

My free eBook contains information for decisions you need to make today. Stories are happening now. Decisions are being made now. Bigger decisions are coming soon. You can prepare yourself to answer these questions and make better choices with good information.

My book will help you distinguish good information from the bad.

This information is available to you free. It is information you need to make decisions right now to be safer and to reduce the risk of being infected.

Click the button below to receive the information you need to make good choices about how to respond to COVID-19, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you get infected.

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1 thought on “Pandemic Insights”

  1. What a COMFORT and VERIFIABLE SOURCE for all of the CAUSES, NATURE and HOPE PROVIDED in and through this PANDEMIC. “PANDEMIC INSIGHTS” (and related writings by Dr. Briney) is an Invaluable Source for direction, confidence, guidance and comfort during these perilous times and the future ahead!! His writings have been a true blessing to me. I anxiously look forward to additional works from him, PARTICULARLY HIS UPCOMING BOOKS ON PRAYER!! Thank you Dr. Briney and God bless you in your spirit-filled work!!

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